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Project Description

The DotNetNuke Search Engine sitemaps provider is the formerly-known iFinity Google Sitemaps Provider. Now moved onto codeplex where it can more easily be shared, extended and downloaded.


The DotNetNuke Search Engine Sitemaps provider is a collection of providers, all of which are compatible with the base search engine sitemap provider. The base provider creates a sitemap for search engines to use and download, and can easily be extended to cater for third-party modules that are installed on DotNetNuke site.

Difference from the core DotNetNuke search engine provider

This project was started in 2006 before DotNetNuke even had a built-in search engine sitemap provider. It was built when Google was the only search engine that used sitemaps. It has been hosted at the website, but has been moved to part of the DotNetNuke Forge/Codeplex in order to facilitate greater community input into the maintenance of the existing providers and expansion of the number of providers available.

While the core DNN provider has picked up the extensibility pattern that this extension has always incorporated, there remains some important features in this module which are not in the core DNN feature set.

- extensible provider architecture
- support for multiple sitemaps + sitemap index
- support for sitemap caching
- debug output for determining problems
- sandboxed providers mean that exceptions in a specific provider do not take entire sitemap offline

Note : DNN now supports sitemap index files and has an extensible provider architecture. It's now recommended to build extensions for the 'Core' DNN Search Engine Sitemaps rather than this custom version.

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