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iFinity Search Engine Sitemap Version 2.0 Instructions

Previously known as the 'iFinity Google Sitemap Provider(s)'

This project is an add-on search engine sitemap provider for DotNetNuke. Although DotNetNuke has a built-in search engine sitemap provider, it has some shortcomings, and this provider was created in 2006 when no core provider was available.

This provider is easily extensible by creating separate providers which inherit from the base Search Engine Sitemap Provider. You no longer need to download, extract, copy and modify config - just download the installation packages and install directly into your site.

What's new in 2.0?

  • Now installable via the DotNetNuke Extensions page
  • Module providers are sandboxed so that failures in any module provider will not stop entire sitemap from working
  • Moved inside the <dotnetnuke> configuration
  • New providers available : Active Forums, DotNetNuke Wiki and Ventrian Property Agent

Please note that the 2.0 versions are not backwards compatible with the original 1.x iFinity Google Sitemap Providers. Please see the Base Search Engine Sitemap Instructions for more details

Installation Instructions

Base Search Engine Sitemap Instructions <- start here!

DotNetNuke Blog Module Sitemap Provider Instructions

DotNetNuke Forum Module Sitemap Provider Instructions

DotNetNuke Wiki Module Sitemap Provider Instructions

Ventrian News Articles Sitemap Provider Instructions

Ventrian Property Agent Sitemap Provider Instructions

Active Forums Sitemap Provider Instructions

Writing your own Sitemap Provider

It's simple to write your own sitemap provider for your specific module needs. Follow the instructions at Writing your own Search Engine Sitemap Provider

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DeclicVideo Jan 13, 2013 at 10:41 AM 
Hello Bruce,

For the moment, I do not manage to post a comment on your website, I hope that you also read it here.
In fact, the module does not seem to take into account the URL Master module (correct URLs).

The sitemap is functionnal, but does not provide any customize URL. Is there anything to do ?
I have a bi-lingual website with enable content localization.
That would be great if you also take into account the Google recommandations regarding SiteMap for bi-lingual website here: