Removing the iFinity Google Sitemap Provider 1.x versions

Because the 2.0 version is installed and uninstalled using the DotNetNuke installer, you cannot uninstall the previous version of this software. Because the new software is not compatible with the old version of the software, they will run side-by-side but there is no valid reason to do so.

This procedure should be done prior to installing the new version

How to remove your old iFinity Sitemap Providers

  1. Do a full site backup
  2. Download your web.config file and make a backup
  3. Open your web.config file in a text editor, and remove the following entries:
    1. <section name="googlesitemaps" type="iFinity.DNN.Modules.GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMapSection, iFinity.DNN.GoogleSiteMapProvider" />
    2. <add name="iFinitySitemapHandler" verb="*" path="GoogleSiteMap.axd" type="iFinity.DNN.Modules.GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMapHandler, iFinity.DNN.GoogleSiteMapProvider" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv2.0" />
    3. <add verb="*" path="GoogleSiteMap.axd" type="iFinity.DNN.Modules.GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMapHandler, iFinity.DNN.GoogleSiteMapProvider" />
    4. The entire <googlesitemaps defaultProvider="BaseGoogleSitemapProvider"> ... </googlesitemaps> section (this is usually at the end of the web.config file
    5. At this point, do a search for 'GoogleSitemap' in your web.config file. You should find no matches.
  4. Save and re-upload your web.config file, and check to make sure your site is still running OK
  5. In the \bin folder of your website, find and delete the following files You may want to take a copy before deleting, in case you delete the wrong ones
NOTE: this is a full list, you may not have all these installed. Just remove the ones you find.
  1. iFinity.DNN.GoogleSiteMapProvider.dll
  2. iFinity.DNN.ArticlesSiteMapProvider.dll
  3. iFInity.DNN.BlogGoogleSiteMapProvider.dll
  4. iFinity.DNN.ForumSiteMapProvider.dll
  5. iFinity.DNN.TagGoogleSiteMapProvider.dll
  6. iFinity.DNN.WikiSiteMapProvider.dll
  7. iFinity.DNN.Utilties.dll
  1. Once this is complete, check your website again to make sure it is running OK. If it is not, replace the deleted files until it starts working again, and then do not remove that file in the future.

When finished, try requesting the {domainname}/googlesitemap.axd Url - this should fail because the sitemap has been removed.

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