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Exclude tabs threshold priority


Is there a way that we can exclude pages from the sitemap where the page's sitemap priority falls below a optional entry. For example, the DNN Google Sitemap excludes below a setting we enter (0.6) - which means that all 'default pages (0.5)' are automatically excluded from the sitemap UNTIL we do the SEO and increase the sitemap priority to 0.6 +

Otherwise, we have 'non-hidden' pages that are in the sitemap, but we don't want them visible:


DanielComp wrote Nov 3, 2012 at 9:19 PM

The web config setting can handle this for the moment, but for us to use this on all portals (1000+) is way too much admin, as for every page that is added by 700+ customers, we have to manage this.


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