Ventrian Property Agent Search Engine Sitemap Provider Installation Instructions

To install the Property Agent Sitemap Provider 2.0, you must first install the Base Search Engine Sitemap and have the Ventrian Property Agent Module installed.

Installation Steps

  1. Log on as a host/super user and navigate to the Host->Extensions page
  2. Select the option to install a new extension
  3. Load the Property Agent Module Provider install package (available from the Downloads tab on this site
  4. Click through the Install Wizard
  5. Check that the installation completed correctly.
  6. Request the {domainname}/SearchEngineSitemap.aspx Url for your site, and look through the entries to locate the Property Agent Module entries.


You can change some of the options for the Property Agent sitemap provider by editing the web.config file directly. Always take a backup before making changes to the web.config file.
  1. Find the <searchEngineSitemap> <add name="PropertyAgent.... /> entry in the web.config file
  2. Add or edit attributes according the following list of options:
  • featuredPropertyPriority - value from 0.0 to 1.0 -> allows specification of a higher page priority for sitemap entries related to featured property listings
  • featuredOnly - true/false -> default false, when true, will only output featured properties in the sitemap
  • includeDisabledPages - true/false -> default false, when true, will output a disabled page with the Propert Agent module installed on it
  • outputProperties - true/false -> default true. When true, property listing Urls are output in the sitemap. When false, no properties are shown in the sitemap
  • outputPropertyTypes - true/false -> default true. When true, property type Urls are output in the sitemap. When false, no property types are shown in the sitemap.
  • searchStatus - maps to the listing of property types, uses the in-built Property Agent types, which are:
    • Any
    • Draft
    • AwaitingApproval
    • PublishedActive (this is the default)
    • PublishedPending
    • PublishedExpired

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